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BoatLife is much more than just a boat show!

As one of the UK’s most popular sports, boating attracts over 4 million enthusiasts.

Individual boat shows, run mainly on the south coast in the summer, are often only brought in to focus in the weeks leading up to the event – at which point boaters have already spent their budgets in the earlier months of the year. 

BoatLife offers a unique approach by providing a comprehensive solution for building long-term relationships and generating leads.

Unlike traditional shows that rely on a short window of time to capture attention, we recognise the need for a sustained approach throughout the year. By offering continuous opportunities for engagement and connection, BoatLife ensures that boaters have the chance to explore and develop relationships at their own pace, without the constraints of limited budgets or time constraints.

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Why is BoatLife different?

The BoatLife show was created to overcome this issue and does so with three connected elements:

  • A main event that takes place early in the year, for 2025 from 13th to 16th February, and is located in Birmingham NEC giving easy national access.
  • Delivers a strong digital marketing campaign involving advertising, online events, a marketplace & extensive social media collaboration.
  • Building a thriving online community all year round which is fed relevant BoatLife & exhibitor content to keep attention and grow your audience.

This combined process delivers a full 365 day opportunity for brands to comprehensively market, influence and build loyalty right from the beginning with potential buyers. It also provides a huge opportunity for exhibitors to actively acquire a qualified audience of new customers.

How we deliver the audience…

We successfully attract our diverse audience using a comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaign which includes:

✔ Digital driven marketing, including online advertising

✔ Partnerships with relevant organisations and clubs

✔ Collaboration with exhibitors to develop co-marketing

✔ Media partnerships with selected boating blogs, websites and magazines

✔ Comprehensive PR campaign

✔ Show ambassadors and influencers to build trust and attract new audiences

✔ A dedicated team working all year round on our social media engagement and content creation

✔ Website feature and promotion




What you get as an exhibitor

Our proposition is genuinely exciting and has been proven to offer something different to any other boating event. This includes:​

  • Insertion in the Exhibitor Listings & BoatLife marketplace
  • Online content opportunities in the BoatLife Community and BoatLife Newsletter
  • High quality conference programme with inspirational speakers and sports personalities
  • On-site & online competitions
  • Substantial 365 event marketing, bringing you as many customers as possible
  • Marketing guidance and help from our team

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