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2024 Exhibitors

Orca Outboards

Stand: F180a
  • | Equipment & engines

Established in 2018, Orca has undergone a rapid and impressive evolution, swiftly emerging as a prominent outboard brand in the maritime industry. Proudly positioned as an in-house brand under the umbrella of Boatworld, Orca holds its commitment to affordability, efficiency, and unwavering quality at the heart of its mission. The brand's dedication to providing high-performance outboard engines is evident in the diverse and expansive range they offer. Whether you're seeking power for your leisurely cruise or a reliable companion for more demanding nautical adventures, Orca ensures that their outboard motors not only keep you moving along but also exceed expectations in terms of durability and performance. In a relatively short span, Orca has etched its name as a go-to choice for boating enthusiasts, embodying a perfect blend of innovation and reliability in the realm of marine propulsion.

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