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Stand: F180a
  • | Clothing & chandley
  • | Equipment & engines
  • | Watersports, canoes & kayaks

Welcome to the world of BORIKA® and Fasten®! Founded by visionary Vitaliy Borysenko, a Ukrainian brand that has been at the forefront of crafting high-quality accessories for on-water activities for over two decades. As the world has embraced a new way of living, valuing freedom and reconnecting with nature, our products have become synonymous with this evolving lifestyle. Inspired by a personal journey into the joy of fishing, BORIKA® is dedicated to making people happy in harmony with the world. Explore there catalogue, a curated collection of the best products from the past 20 years, including tried-and-tested favourites and exciting new releases. At BORIKA®, they believe in a world without borders, offering a broad range of accessories and adaptable products from various brands. Whether you're an individual enthusiast or a boat manufacturer seeking innovative solutions, BORIKA® welcomes you to a space where passion, innovation, and limitless possibilities converge. Join us on this journey and discover the perfect blend of functionality and joy.

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