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Logo notes and guidelines

We're thrilled to have you as a part of our event, and we greatly appreciate your commitment to maintaining a consistent and high-quality visual identity.


Here are the event logo/branding guidelines for exhibitors...

Official Event Logo Usage:

  • Please use the official BoatLife 2024 (powered by Suzuki) logo provided to you in our Exhibitor Kit (below). Do not attempt to recreate the logo.

Logo Placement:

  • The event logo should be visible on all your promotional materials, including banners, brochures, and digital assets.

Logo Sizing:

  • Maintain the proportions of the logo and do not distort its shape. Resize it proportionally as needed.
  • Ensure the logo is clear and legible, even when scaled down.

Clear Space:

  • Always maintain clear space around the logo. Do not overcrowd it with other elements.

Colour Palette:

  • Adhere to the official colour palette of BoatLife 2024. These colours are provided in the style guide. Do not alter the colours of the logo.

Background Contrast:

  • Ensure that there is enough contrast between the logo and the background to maintain visibility and legibility.

Logo Placement on Apparel:

  • If you're using the logo on apparel (such as uniforms or t-shirts), place it prominently on the front or back, keeping in mind size and proportions.

Digital Media:

  • In digital media, always use high-resolution versions of the logo for the best quality.
  • Use the official event hashtag (#BoatLife2024) in your social media posts to enhance visibility.

Language and Typography:

  • When using text with the logo, use the official event font (provided in the brand guide below) and maintain language consistency.

Logo Misuse:

  • Do not use the logo in a manner that implies endorsement, sponsorship, or partnership with BoatLife Events without prior approval.

By following these guidelines, you contribute to the overall success of BoatLife 2024 and help create a cohesive and visually appealing event experience. 


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our event organisers:

Three creative ideas for exhibitors to effectively use the show logos in the run-up to the BoatLife show...

  1. Social Media Teasers:

    • Share intriguing teaser posts on your social media channels featuring the BoatLife 2024 logo. Create anticipation by counting down the days or weeks to the event.
    • Use clever taglines like "Join Us at Stand [Your Stand Number] at BoatLife 2024 - Powered by Suzuki!" to engage your audience.
  2. Email Signature Banners:

    • Add the BoatLife 2024 logo to your email signature. Include a brief message like "See You at BoatLife 2024 - Powered by Suzuki | [Your Stand Number]" to remind your contacts about your participation.
  3. Web Banner on Your Website:

    • Place the BoatLife 2024 logo on your website's homepage or a dedicated event page. Link it to your stand details or a special landing page with event information.
    • Consider adding a "Visit Us at BoatLife 2024 - Powered by Suzuki" call-to-action button.


Remember to always adhere to the event's branding guidelines when using the logo to ensure consistency and professionalism in your promotional efforts. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to making BoatLife 2024 such a fantastic event!



Exhibitor kit:

Exhibitor images for social media:

Exhibitor banners:

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