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28 Jan 2024

XTRATUF - Built for Alaska, fit for everyone

XTRATUF Stand: D79
XTRATUF - Built for Alaska, fit for everyone
XTRATUF Ankle Deck Boot

Born on the seas of Alaska where 50-foot swells swallowed the slightest missteps, XTRATUF boots are just that, extra tough. For more than 50 years, XTRATUF has been outfitting commercial fishermen and women, and earned the respect, loyalty and trust of people who can’t afford to take trust lightly.

It all started with the Legacy Boot, which has fast become an Alaskan icon because it works, and in the eyes of Alaskans, that’s a beautiful thing. The Legacy is 100% Waterproof, Flexible, and Durable - made to keep you dry, stable, and always working comfortably. Featuring a non-marking, slip-resistant Chevron outsole, they're as Reliable and Tough as it gets. In fact, they're part of what it means to be Alaskan. Dubbed the "Alaskan Sneaker" it has been PERFORMANCE-TESTED AND PROVEN across the toughest stretches of water, from the Misty Fjords to Kodiak, from the Bering Sea to Harrison Bay.

It doesn’t just stop there, XTRATUF boots are fit for everyone and have become the badge of ULTIMATE PREPAREDNESS for the individuals of Alaska and the world. The XTRATUF boots they wear prove a RELIABLE PARTNER through thick and thin, keeping multiple generations from all walks of life safe, dry and moving forward, one sure step at a time.

The XTRATUF Ankle Deck Boot collection is crafted specifically for sport and recreational fishermen and women. Handcrafted from natural rubber, the Ankle Deck Boot 6 inch features a lightweight design with the same high traction chevron outsole found in the Legacy boots.

The Ankle Deck Boot Sport fuses the classic Ankle Deck Boot silhouette and XTRATUF’s signature Chevron outsole, with the comfort and agility of a trainer. Built from a new high-performance foam ProLite™ which is ultra-durable and slip-resistant, making this style up to 30% lighter than the original, all while being a one-piece outsole.

These performance boots are ideal for any water athlete looking for protection with slip-on-and-go styling, making XTRATUF the perfect choice for those who live, work and play on and around the water.

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