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24 Oct 2022

Topper Sailboats join the show!

Topper Sailboats join the show!

Award winning sailboats are coming to the NEC

Nothing comes close to the Topper. They are so simple to rig, own and sail. The Topper will inspire confidence in total newcomers quicker than anything else around. That is why the Topper has introduced so many newcomers to sailing, possibly more than any other boat!

Rugged and safe to soak up any punishment, light enough to be responsive. Topper sailboats produce an extensive range of sailing dinghies and catamarans. So, whatever you’re looking for, Topper are confident they have the right boat for you, whatever you want to get out of sailing, no matter what size age, skill level or sailing experience you have.

Messing about on the river, having fun off the beach, flat out blasting, competitive racing and also starting from scratch. In short, everyone has their own reasons for sailing the sensational Topper. The Topper requires very little maintenance, is easily rigged in a matter of minutes and is also car-toppable making it the most versatile of sailboats. Most importantly, the Topper is great fun!

More newcomers to the addictive sport of sailing have learned their skills in a Topper than any other sailboat.



The Topper was designed by Ian Proctor whose many other boats include the popular Wayfarer. The Topper was originally constructed in GRP but this was soon changed to an injection moulding construction. After well over 25 years of continuous production (approaching 50,000 boats!) it is the outstanding build quality, durability and innovative design features that have made the Topper such a popular boat.

The Topper hull is injection moulded with incredible precision, reaching a level of uniformity quite outside the scope of any other production system, either hand built or mass produced in GRP or roto-moulded plastic. The Polypropylene material has proved to combine strength and flexibility with lightness and virtually everlasting life. Because of this proven reputation resale values are extremely high.

Because of the builder’s commitment to uniformity of hulls and specification of fittings and equipment, a Topper can race against any other Topper, older or younger, on equal terms. A true One Design!

It has been said that quality never goes out of fashion. And after over 40 years in continuous production, it is the outstanding build quality and unique design features that keep Topper one of the most popular boats in the world.

The Topper is already part of sailing history. Thousands have also discovered that once their skills have improved, Topper goes on providing the excitement, performance and competitive opportunities you would expect from a pedigree racing sailboat. Full International Racing Status from WORLD SAILING is recognition that the Topper phenomenon continues to spread throughout the world at a quickening pace.

We can’t wait to welcome the legendary Topper to the SBS BoatLife show in February!

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