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05 Feb 2024

Savour the flavours of the sea with the Rustic Chef at BoatLife 2024

Savour the flavours of the sea with the Rustic Chef at BoatLife 2024
The Rustic Chef will be appearing at BoatLife 2024, bringing a culinary storm with two demos per day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! 

Partnering with drinks sponsors, Mermaid Gin, The Rustic Chef has curated a delectable line-up of dishes that promise to tantalise and delight! 


Here's a sneak peek at what's cooking:

Rope Grown Mussels, Mermaid Salt Vodka, Fennel, Garlic & Tomato Sauce (Bloody Mary style) Micro Herbs

- Dive into the depths of flavour with this marine-inspired creation, blending the richness of rope-grown mussels with the zing of Mermaid Salt Vodka and a medley of aromatic ingredients. Topped off with delicate micro herbs, it's a dish that echoes the essence of the sea.


Mermaid’s Zesty Gin Cured Chalkstream Trout, Sea Herbs, Hampshire Wasabi, Radish, Pickled Cucumber

- Let your taste buds dance with joy as The Rustic Chef presents a symphony of flavours. The zesty kick of Mermaid's Gin beautifully complements the delicate notes of cured Chalkstream Trout, paired with the freshness of sea herbs and the vibrant crunch of radish and pickled cucumber.


Buttermilk Pancakes, Mermaid Spiced Rum Caramelised Bananas

- Indulge your sweet tooth with a divine finale. The Rustic Chef takes the classic buttermilk pancake to new heights, topped with Mermaid Spiced Rum caramelised bananas. It's a treat that promises to leave you craving more.


With his wealth of personal cheffing and demonstrating experience as well as passion for good food, The Rustic Chef is set to infuse BoatLife 2024 with character and mouth watering delights. Don’t miss the opportunity to see him in action!




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