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01 Feb 2024

The Remarkable Journey of David Haze: From Adversity to Ocean Activism

The Remarkable Journey of David Haze: From Adversity to Ocean Activism
In the vast expanse of life's journeys, there are those that take us through the most unexpected twists and turns, ultimately transforming us into champions of our own destiny. David Haze, known as the Nomadic Paddler, exemplifies this transformation.

David's journey began in a place where few would dare to venture - the depths of adversity. Having committed a crime, he found himself on a path he never imagined, confined within prison walls. However, David was determined that his mistakes and his time behind bars would not define him. He yearned to prove to himself and the world that he was capable of so much more.


Paddleboarding Towards Redemption

As he embarked on his quest for redemption, David turned to an unlikely companion - a paddleboard. He embarked on a journey that would lead him to the longest lake in the world, setting world records and chasing world-firsts. With each stroke of the paddle, he discovered a thirst for adventure that pushed him to his limits and beyond.


David's paddleboard adventures served as a mirror, reflecting back his true capabilities. It was a journey of self-discovery, revealing the strength that lay within him. As he challenged the elements, he recognized the profound power of adventure to unveil our innermost selves. This self-realisation became the cornerstone of his mission - to share the transformative potential of adventure with the world.



Championing Sustainability: The Great Green Paddle

David's adventures evolved to encompass a cause close to his heart - environmentalism. His 'Great Green Paddle' was an unprecedented venture, becoming the world's first carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly expedition. Everything he used, from recycled paddleboards to sustainable clothing to highlight the importance of sustainability in outdoor pursuits.


His journey uncovered a tapestry of companies dedicated to preserving the environment, illuminating the potential for positive change. From sustainable materials to electric campervans, David's expedition showcased how the adventure industry can take conscious steps towards preserving our planet.


Ocean Activist of the Year

David's efforts have not gone unnoticed. He has been named 'Ocean Activist of the Year 2023,' a title he wears with pride. His journey as an adventurer, environmentalist, and activist has only just begun. His story serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder that, no matter the past, we all have the power to transform our lives and the world around us.


A Movement for Change

David's journey is a testament to the unifying potential of adventure. It's a call to action for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and brands to consider their impact on the environment. As David rallies for environmental protection, he exemplifies the importance of leaving nature as beautiful, if not more so, than when we found it.


Inspiring Inner Peace

David's story is not only about world records and accolades. It's about his personal growth, healing, and finding inner peace through adventure. He encourages others to reconnect with the great outdoors, to embrace the tranquillity of the water, and to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery.


David's life is a testament to the transformational power of adventure and the boundless potential within each of us. His journey from adversity to ocean activism reminds us that, even in the face of adversity, we have the power to redefine ourselves and inspire positive change.


Come and see David talk on the live stage: Thursday 16th at 16.15pm 

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