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14 Jan 2024

Discover the REBEL RIB Series!

Rebel Leisure Stand: E88
Discover the REBEL RIB Series!

New for 2024 launching at the Boatlife show our Rebel superyacht series tenders.

Our Rebel Superyacht Series is the perfect choice as the luxury tender for your superyacht. Made with Hypalon tubes and lightweight marine grade aluminium hull. The 330 is designed to be only 150cm wide so it will fit on the back or in the garage of your larger craft (our optional RIB style console is available on the SYS 360 and 380).

All boats feature a bow locker with cushions, back rest, bow step and side step. The Rebel Superyacht Series comes with a 5 year warranty on the lightweight aluminium double hull and tubes. These models can take up to 30hp outboards but we recommend 20hp and with the benefit of the double floor you can put the fuel tank in the bow locker and run the fuel line under the deck so no unsightly tank or lines around your feet.

The colour scheme can be changed on special orders to create the perfect match to your superyacht. This range consists of 3 sizes (330m, 360m and 380m) and is designed to perfectly compliment your larger boat, whilst providing a fast and comfortable ride.




So if you're looking for the pinnacle of power, style, and family-friendly fun on the water? Look no further than our exceptional REBEL RIB series:

  • REBEL RAIDER 380 – Conquer Every Wave with Confidence The REBEL RAIDER 380 stands as the crown jewel in our line-up of Raider RIBs. With the optional floating console and the capacity to accommodate up to 30hp, it promises a ride that's not only swift but also remarkably dry. The carbon fibre dash adds a touch of sophistication, especially when the navigation lights on the console come to life. Standard Heytex tubes guarantee durability, with the exclusive option for Hypalon tubes (available on special order). Navigate comfortably with the double floor ensuring dry feet, while the flexible bench seats enhance your overall boating experience. Opt for packages featuring Tohatsu engines and Extreme trailers to elevate your maritime adventures.

  • REBEL RIOT 480 – Sporty, Fast, and Family-Friendly Meet the Rebel Riot 480, the epitome of a sporty and swift family boat. Its lightweight aluminium build simplifies solo launches and retrievals, while the robust hull sets the stage for a variety of water sports. Boasting space for up to six passengers and a 4.8-meter length, the Rebel Riot 480 guarantees a thrilling and secure ride for the entire family.

  • NEW REBEL RIOT 560 – Elevate Your Watersports Experience Unveiling the latest addition to the family, the REBEL RIOT 560 promises endless hours of excitement for the entire family. Designed to accommodate an impressive 115hp outboard engine, this sports RIB comes equipped with underwater lights, deck lights, and Hypalon tubes as standard (PVC tubes available through special order). The robust aluminium hull, backed by a 5-year warranty, ensures lasting performance. Ideal for water sports and skiing, its family-safe layout provides a spacious corridor from bow to stern for easy access. Choose from a variety of colour schemes to personalize your adventure. Get ready to ride the waves with unmatched style and comfort aboard the REBEL RIOT 560.

Embark on a nautical journey like never before with our REBEL RIB series. Power, elegance, and family fun – all in one extraordinary package. Visit us at stand E88


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