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10 Jan 2024


JPC Direct Stand: F81
Isotherm Cruise Elegance Fridges

Isotherm Cruise Elegance marine fridges are the ultimate combination of style and technology.

Cruise Elegance fridges are designed specifically for marine use.

They range from 42 litres to 130 litres in size. This range of camper van and marine fridges shows Isotherm ambition to design and build high-quality and energy-efficient fridges. These fridges are also designed to be used off-road, and at sea.


Cruise Elegance fridges are designed to increase efficiency and deliver great performance in the marine and mobile environments. They feature robust design,  top-quality insulation and doors which are two inches thick.

A magnetic freezer door adds to the efficiency and performance of the Elegance range. This helps with frosting issues.

The compact freezer size also allows for storage of tall bottles , even in the smaller models in the range.

Advantages of the Isotherm Cruise Elegance Fridge

  • 2-inch thick doors
  • Improved insulation
  • Reduced compressor run time
  • Door panel and handle can be customized
  • Optional panels include teak, white, and black
  • New, ergonomic handle allows easy door opening and change of swing
  • Perfect integration with the on-board design
  • Lowest power consumption on the market
  • Isotherm Smart Energy Control ready (fits on Danfoss/SeCOP DC modules only)
  • Easy to install
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