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11 Sep 2023

Meet Adam Lind Floating Home: BoatLife's Newest Inland Waterways Ambassador!

Meet Adam Lind Floating Home: BoatLife's Newest Inland Waterways Ambassador!

Introducing Adam Lind, our latest Inland ambassador of wellness and adventure!

If you don't know Adam then you soon will, he has inspired thousands of followers by his remarkable journey, the creative mind behind "Floating Home." Adam, along with his wife Lauren and their loyal companion, Shanti the dog, have embarked on a life less ordinary, a life on the waterways of the UK. Imagine a tiny home gently floating on the serene waters, offering the perfect blend of freedom and connection with nature.

For Adam and Lauren, the allure of life on a houseboat was irresistible. They traded the comforts of a traditional home for the ever-changing scenery of the UK's picturesque waterways. It's a life less conventional but filled with extraordinary experiences that they share across their popular social channels.

Living on the water isn't without its unique challenges... however, Adam and Lauren don't see these as hurdles; instead, they've embraced them as opportunities to think creatively and become more self-sufficient.

Since adopting their floating abode, Adam and his family have embarked on an incredible journey, exploring the hidden gems and scenic landscapes of the United Kingdom. Every day brings a new adventure, and the sense of community among fellow boaters adds an extra layer of magic to their voyage.

We look forward to hearing more about mental health, mindset, the beautiful aspects of this narrowboat lifestyle and the strong sense of community. Adam and Lauren have found that fellow boaters are always ready for a friendly chat and a helping hand. It's a world where neighbours become friends and every encounter is a chance to share stories.

Adam's journey is a testament to the beauty of life on the water and the spirit of adventure that fuels it. As our esteemed Inland Ambassador, Adam will be sharing his experiences, insights, and tips for anyone looking to explore the world of waterways. Stay tuned for a wave of inspiration, as Adam Lind joins the BoatLife family on this exciting voyage!

In our latest YouTube video BoatLife's newest ambassador opens the door to his cozy narrowboat home in this exclusive tour. From a unique reverse layout to DIY boat renovations, you'll be amazed at the creativity and charm that Adam and his wife, Lauren, have infused into their boat life. Join us on this sunny day along the River Trent and explore the vibrant community of waterway enthusiasts. Watch the full tour here.

For a glimpse into their unique waterborne adventures follow Adam Lind on his "Floating Home" on YouTube and connect with him on Instagram and Tik-Tok.


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