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30 Oct 2023

Cruising the Cut with our Ambassador David: A Journey of Boating Adventures

Cruising the Cut with our Ambassador David: A Journey of Boating Adventures
David, the face behind Cruising the Cut, is not just your average canal enthusiast – he's your go-to guy for all things boating, especially inland waterways. And it's incredibly exciting for us that he will be joining the BoatLife family as an ambassador, his journeys and adventures on and around water are a joy to watch. As an avid lover of boating, David's connection with the water runs deep, and his experiences have turned him into a prominent figure in the boating community.

From its baby steps in the first year to its robust growth, BoatLife's commitment to these waterways struck a chord with David. He couldn't help but applaud the show's efforts in putting canals back in the spotlight where they rightfully belong. But it's not all sunshine and cruising. David is passionate about highlighting the challenges faced by canals today – funding issues, maintenance struggles, and the need for all boating communities to band together for a common cause. He stressed the importance of unity among narrow boaters, anglers, walkers, cyclists, and anyone who treasures the tranquil beauty of the waterways.


David's YouTube channel, Cruising the Cut is a must see and it's clear to see why it's so popular.

Imagine an ordinary bloke leaving his desk job behind to embrace canal life. That's David's story in a nutshell. With his camera and genuine enthusiasm, he documents his canal adventures, boat insights, and the simple joys of living life at a leisurely pace. With over 238k subscribers (wowza!), Cruising the Cut isn't just a YouTube channel – it's a vibrant community of canal aficionados. David's videos showcase not only the stunning scenery but also the camaraderie that comes with the boating territory.

David's recent escapade, involving a gust of wind and an unexpected plunge of his camcorder into the canal, speaks volumes about his commitment to capturing and sharing his boating experiences. This incident, reminiscent of the Titanic end scene when Leo slips away, exemplifies David's unscripted approach to content creation, allowing viewers to join him on his journey, mishaps and all.

Transitioning from a life on a houseboat to a traditional home in 2022, David now enjoys the comforts of modern living and houses with baths, unlimited water, and stable energy supply. While cherishing memories of waking up to water and wildlife. His appreciation for the efficiencies of tiny narrowboats shines through, revealing his affection for the intricacies of compact living spaces.

Let's not forget the famous cheese sandwich debate that's near and dear to David's heart. According to him, the ultimate cheese sandwich revolves around powerful and mature cheddar. .Don't forget a few slices of tomato, perhaps some cucumber for that refreshing crunch. No mayo or any of that "gunge". Salt and pepper? Not on David's watch. The only potential intruder might be a smidge of pickle, and even that's a bit of a stretch. This sandwich is not subjected to the grilling process, David's cheese sandwich is a steadfastly unheated affair. So, there you have it, straight from the cheddar-loving maestro himself.

Cruising the cut

David and BoatLife's partnership for the 2024 show

David believes that variety is the spice of boating life. While there's already a prominent show that happens in late May for inland boating enthusiasts, BoatLife brings a fresh perspective and a whole lot of accessibility. It's a chance for everyone to come together, swap stories, share laughs, and maybe even learn a thing or two about the boats that float their boats!

What's on David's wish list for BoatLife 2024? Well, more boats to explore, please! He's all about giving folks the chance to step aboard, get inspired, and maybe catch the boating bug. Oh, and of course, a sprinkle of stores selling boating goodies wouldn't hurt – after all, who doesn't want to take home a nautical souvenir?

David's journey from a chance encounter with BoatLife to becoming an inland ambassador is a tale of passion meeting purpose. It's about embracing the rain-soaked days and sun-dappled ones alike, all in the name of celebrating the beauty of canals. His videos and conversations embody the joy of discovery, the warmth of community, and the sheer delight of life on the water.

So, whether you're a seasoned sailor or just dipping your toes into the boating world, David's story invites you to step aboard, explore the canals, and let the current of camaraderie and adventure take you wherever it may flow. As BoatLife's inland ambassador, David's journey is far from over. His upcoming videos promise more insights into his boating world, provided unforeseen events don't chart a different course...


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