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13 Feb 2024



Conquering the Atlantic, one oar at a time...

Visiting BoatLife in 2023, the four-strong team of Atlantic R2R were raising awareness and sponsorship funds for an epic voyage. For 2024 they are back, to tell their incredible story. 

As the sun set over the calm waters of English Harbour, Antigua, the members of Atlantic R2R basked in the glory of their extraordinary accomplishment: having completed the gruelling Atlantic Rowing Race from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands. Theirs is a tale of perseverance, camaraderie and solid determination as they battled the mighty Atlantic Ocean, rowing over 3,000 miles to reach their destination. 

The World's Toughest Row is not for the faint of heart. It is an unaided expedition that pushes participants to their physical and mental limits. For Atlantic R2R, composed of two best friends, an ex-soldier, a serving soldier, and a father-son duo from Scotland, the challenge was both daunting and exhilarating. They faced towering waves, relentless winds and sleepless nights, rowing for two hours and sleeping for two hours, non-stop, for the duration of the journey. Each stroke of the oar brought them closer to their goal, testing their resolve with every passing mile.


Despite their diverse backgrounds, the Atlantic R2R team share a common bond: a drive to push themselves beyond the ordinary. With strong military and seagoing connections, they were well-prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. Together, they formed a cohesive and competitive team, fuelled by a shared passion for adventure and a desire to make a difference.


As they recount their journey on the BoatLife stage, the members of Atlantic R2R will no doubt reflect on the highs and lows of their adventure. From the exhilaration of crossing the starting line in San Sebastian to the moments of doubt and exhaustion mid-Atlantic, every bit of the row tested their resolve and pushed them to their limits. Yet, through it all, they found solace in the camaraderie of their teammates and the knowledge that their efforts were not in vain. With each passing day, they grew stronger, both individually and as a team, until finally, they reached the shores of Antigua, triumphant and exhilarated by their achievement.


Creating a legacy of resilience and determination, this is a story of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary feats, proving that with courage and perseverance, anything is possible. Now beyond the race, they remain committed to raising awareness and funds for mental health organisations close to their hearts, ensuring that their journey serves a greater purpose.


Link to their charities: 

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